Set Up New Computer


Most new computers come bundled with software packages that not only take up unnecessary space on your computer, but can load in the background and cripple performance. We can help trim this excess in order to get your new computer performing at its peak speed.

We’ll turn your computer into the most efficient machine it can be by solving software conflicts, cleaning up files, and eliminating programs that drag down your computer’s operating efficiency. We’ll transfer data, set up your system software and hardware, get you connected to the internet, or just help you understand the various features of your new system, all in the comfort and ease of your home or home office.


Just leave your computer in the box and leave the rest to us.
Pro Technologies engeeners can set up your new PC or Mac computer in our workshop or in your home or office. Standard computer set up will to get your PC up and running straight away, but if you’d like extra benefits please use our service.
Need a quick how-to? No problem. You’ll get a tutorial so you’re comfortable with the new PC.

New PC set-up includes:
  • File transfer from old computer or back-up
  • Configuration of Internet, email, and Windows
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Ensuring anti-virus and firewall are active
  • Installing all Windows updates
  • Tutorial on new PC interface

Arrange an engineer visit online or contact us.
We also provide Remote IT Support.


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