Professional hard disk duplication / cloning service

Hard Drive Duplication / Cloning

Upgrade hard disk to a bigger one without reinstalling operating system and applications.

If you have bought a new hard drive, reinstalling the operating system and all applications on the new hard drive is time-consuming.

Pro Technologies offers a professional hard disk duplication service for any size IDE, USB, SATA & Solid State hard drive. We can copy both internal and external hard drives with no limits on the amount you need copying. We have many years of experience and here are some reasons why you should contact us!

  • Experience: Our technicians are experienced professionals.
  • Quality of work: Not everyone is as qualified as we are.
  • We work fast: our technicians work in all areas of London.
  • We provide a service across the UK: if you are not in London we can send a courier to bring your hard drive to us for repair and then return it to you.

We copy each hard drive using bit-for-bit technology because this method ensures that the original hard drive and its copy are identical. This method allows us to copy the data format of a hard disk drive. We copy RAW blocks of data, but not files and folders. We use special professional duplication equipment to do this job.

Clone a Hard Drive

How does the duplication process work?

  • Send us your hard drive for an exact copy
  • We’ll scan it for viruses and test it to make sure there are no errors.
  • The hard drive will then be cloned so that the data on the original and copy are exactly the same.
  • The copies will be checked and packaged securely for shipment.

What formats can we duplicate?

  • IDE
  • SATA
  • USB 2.0 & USB 3.0
  • Solid State
  • Internal & External
  • MAC, PC, Linux, Unix, Audio, Data, Game

Duplication creates an exact replica of the original hard drive, avoiding the need for individual software reinstallation. Check out our services to find out what computer repair services you need, or give us a call and one of our qualified managers will be happy to help!

Why choose us?

These are some of the reasons why customers choose us.

Fixed Pricing

Quality Counts

We Are Fast

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