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hard disk duplication / cloning

Hard Drive Duplication Service



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hard disk duplication
is what we do?

Upgrade hard disk to a bigger one without reinstalling operating system and applications.

Does your hard disk often run out of space which makes you unable to upgrade the software, applications, system or store more data? If you are suffering from such kind of things and decide to purchase a new hard disk, it’s definitely a huge project and time-consuming job to reinstall everything, especially the operating system and all the applications on the new hard disk.

Pro Technologies offers a professional hard disk duplication service for any size IDE, USB, SATA & Solid State hard drive. We can copy both internal & external hard drives with no limits on the amount you need copying. Whether it’s 1 or 10000 we will be able to duplicate these.

Every hard drive we copy is duplicated using “bit for bit” technology. This is the only way to guarantee the formatting & data from your master disk is exactly the same on the copies. This method also allows us to copy and data format of hard disk. E.G. MAC, PC, Linux…….and so on. We are copying the RAW blocks of data and not the files and folders formatting is never changed. This is very important when duplicating hard drives and USB Keys. We achieve this using professional duplication equipment and no hard drives are copied by linking them to a PC and using “copy/paste”.

Clone a Hard Drive

How does the duplication process work?

  • Send us your finished master hard drive
  • The master is then virus screened & tested to make sure there are no errors in the disk or data
  • The master is then duplicated “bit for bit” to ensure the format & data is identical on the copies
  • The copies are randomly tested and then packed into their anti-static bags or chosen packaging

As an alternative you can bring your device to us or book an engineer visit to your home or office, at a time and date to suit you.

What formats can we duplicate?

  • IDE
  • SATA
  • USB 2.0 & USB 3.0
  • Solid State
  • Internal & External
  • MAC, PC, Linux, Unix, Audio, Data, Game
  • Free Estimates – We’ll give you a free quote before any repair work is done.
  • Quality Services – Our techs are experienced professionals and we’ll guarantee that with our Doctor’s Orders Guarantee.
  • Superior Customer Service – Not everyone is as technical as we are.
  • Quick Turnaround – Our location is in London, UK and our techs are service all Lodnon areas.

By cloning the drive, it preserves all the system’s data, and installed software, which obviates the need to individually reinstall programs, especially if the software keys are not easily available or lost. Finally, some folks like to periodically clone their hard drive, and keep it in a secure offsite location so if their main system drive bites the dust, they can get their system back to life with a minimal fuss.

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