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My computer has become too slow and sometimes I can’t even get into my mail and it takes forever to find the sites? Sounds familiar?

Сomputers can become too slow for several reasons. Corrupt old and redundant files quickly accumulate in the computer. This causes the computer to be slow, sluggish and causes malfunctions, system errors and serious slowdowns when you most need your computer. This is the biggest annoyance when you need to wait until the computer goes to a simple task. This often happens with older PCs, but this can happen with new computers.

Windows PC slows down when installing each program or application. When you use a word, surf the Internet or play games, your computer’s hard drive is filled with temporary files. When you use Internet Explorer, all your browsing history and other downloaded data remain on your computer. Even when the Windows program is installed and removed, it leaves some files behind, which can slow down your computer.

A slow Internet connection is synonymous with a slow computer for most Windows or Mac users. Because for every job they do – from web surfing to checking emails, you need an Internet connection. Very often increasing the speed of the Internet can cause your computer to run much faster.

One of the most likely causes for a slow computer can be viruses, spyware, trojans and other adware. Almost all free programs downloaded from the Internet and installed on your Mac or Windows computer come with adware. Instead of the one program you want, you get a lot of unnecessary “cleaners” and “optimizers” that you’ve never heard of. They are launched every time your PC is running, and offer to buy them to clean your computer. When you have few, your computer takes an age to download and run a simple program.


Our professional computer engineers can clean your Mac or Windows computer. We will come to your home and office and clear all temporary files, spyware, adware, trojans and viruses from your computer. Also we can clear your computer remotely.

Common slow PC issues we support:
  • Computer virus infection
  • Spyware / pop-up issue
  • Failing hard drive
  • Failing RAM
  • Failing motherboard
  • Corrupted operating system
  • Corrupted software / registry
  • Lack of storage capacity

Don’t wait until your computer will fill up with junk and will stop responding. Arrange an engineer visit online or contact us.


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