Web Design and development

We design, develop and build websites for businesses of all sizes, from basic one page sites to fully content managed e-commerce stores.

From initial design and development, to fully website hosting, regular website maintenance and ongoing support we continue support when your website goes live.

Based in London , our web design & development services are available for companies all over the UK and over the World.

Create a website

If you’re looking to create a website, or refresh an existing one, our graphic designer and web site developers can help build it, ensuring it is mobile friendly and in most cases includes a Content Management System.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A content management system allows users, with suitable access, to make additions and edits to your website content whenever required.

We’ll always recommend a WordPress CMS in your website build, we’ll provide training for you and your team in how to use it, although with most systems they are easy to get started.

Cost of a Small First Website

A first website is made up of between one and 10 pages and is great for start-ups or small businesses. When purchasing a first website you should consider the ease with which it could be upgraded or expanded in the future if the business were to grow, or if you were to add other services or products.

The cost of a first website will roughly be:

Cost of a Small First Website
Domain & Hosting £0.99 to £50
Design £400 to £600
Ongoing Costs £0 to £10 per month
Total Cost £400 to £770

Of course these prices depend on the size and complexity of your site, as well as the number of revisions and amends that are required. If your site is for eCommerce or for a dedicated online business, then prices can increase due to the cost of the software required.

Cost of a Small Business Website

A natural progression from a first website is a small business website, which is usually between 10-20 pages, has limited functionality and needs very few, if any, plugins. These types of website are suitable for those wishing to redesign or refresh a first website, or are ready to develop a dedicated online presence or eCommerce shop. For online stores, WordPress platform are recommended.

The cost of a small business website will roughly be:

Cost of a Small Business Website
Domain & Hosting £0.99 to £100
Design £600 to £1,200
Programming £900 to £2,000
Ongoing Costs £0 to £30 per month
Total Cost £1,000 to £3,500

Expect to pay £1,000-£4,000 for the total package. For this sort of website we would also suggest making a budget for monthly marketing campaigns that keep traffic coming to your site.

Cost of a Medium-Sized Website

This type of site is ideal for eCommerce businesses or companies with more traffic, a wider range of products, more information to impart or who require more functionality. This could also be a refresher website for a company who are ready for something larger and more dynamic.

The larger the site gets, the longer it will take to build. There may be unforeseen problems that are encountered along the way so this is not something that you can expect to be finished in a hurry. For this reason it may prove wise to agree a set fee for the project up front, rather than by the hour.

The cost of a medium-sized website will roughly be:

Cost of a Medium-Sized Website
Domain & Hosting £0.99 to £300
Design £800 to £1,800
Content Creation £100 to £1,000
Programming £1,000 to £3,000
Ongoing Costs £0 to £60 per month
Total Cost £1,800 to £6,700

Once you move into the upper echelons of web building, the price gets higher so you can expect to pay over £1,000 regardless of size, requirements, functionality, etc. Costs are also inflated by the additional work that goes into ensuring so many pages are mobile responsive.

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