Services List

Our London-based company offers a swift and efficient solution where technical support is needed to resolve an issue that has arisen. A highly certified engineer will be allocated to you to resolve a problem of any nature. Some of the common issues include dealing with virus-infected computers, SMS-phishing malware, as well as replacement of faulty hardware components and restoration of device’s operating system.

Our most popular PC and Laptop Computer Repair Services are:

Troubleshooting and Repair Service; Virus & Malware Detection, Removal and Protection; Preventative Maintenance to stop things going wrong in the first place; Data Recovery and Backup; Laptop and Desktop Repair and Hardware upgrades; Troubleshooting Broadband & WiFi network; New computer set up; Software Installation, Configuration and Setup; Operating System Installation and Upgrades; General Help and Advice; Remote IT support - Chat, Phone & Remote Desktop Support.